About Me

Hair has been an obsession of mine since I can remember. I would watch in awe as my sister would meticulously curl her hair, I would stare amazed as she would back comb those bangs to a height defying gravity, and I loved to inhale that fabulous hair spray smell as she shellacked her hair into place. I will never forget the day she handed me the coveted curling iron and let me take over Operation Beauty.

I am fascinated by what hair and makeup can do. It can take you to another time period, it can disguise unwanted blemishes or enhance our favorite qualities, and it can even alter our mood. I love to transform.

My obsession has turned into a passion: I live for hair and makeup. I adore expressing my creativity through my work -- from editorial photo shoots to cutting, coloring, and styling a client in the salon. I enjoy both extremities of over the top and natural beauty. I love to think that i have the touch of beauty and nothing makes me happier then to share it with others.